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Incorporated in 2010, with a capability to yield Lost Wax Precision Castings/Investment Castings/Feinguss Foundry in range of 5 g to 60 Kg fully machined, treated and Ready-For-Use Components (OEM), to Automobile, Pump & other industries and an annual capacity to supply 400 Metric Ton of Castings, makes us one of the largest dedicated Investment Casting units in North India. Working closely with our customers provides the urgency and direction required to achieve their ambitions. A “can do” spirit is very much part of our culture, but not as much as the Company’s continual need to find a “better way”


To use the best available technology, adapting to the ever changing way of running the business ethically, imparting periodical training to all our employees through latest techniques, and motivating the staff to bring out the maximum positive synergy.

We further aim to provide above average returns, secure employment for our people and operate to the benefit of our local communities and meet their changing expectations.

Our drive and enthusiasm for problem solving is the most critical factor in our success. We believe that the foundry industry needs uncompromising commitment to excellence in customer service and technical support and we are justifiably proud of our achievements in this area.

parallax background